Funding Requests

The Civic Committee of WITAN is the liaison between the fund-raising arm of the organization and the community at large. We make an effort to balance our donations among the health, education, preservation and arts projects that are presented to us yearly.


An allocation request is a request for funds in the amount of $600 or less.  A grant request is a request for funds in the amount of over $600.  Questions about a grant or allocation. Contact Beth DeLuca at

250 funding requests Health
250 funding requests Education
250 funding requests Preservation
250 funding requests arts

 How to Request a Grant or Allocation

WITAN awards up to 15 grants each year. Recipients are 501(c)3 nonprofit agencies or organizations serving the needs of the greater Akron area.

If your project request is for more than $600 please download and submit the form below. Please note that funds will not be available until late May, so your request must fit into this timeline. Grant requests must be postmarked by November 30, 2018.

If your request is for $600 or less please send a letter to WITAN explaining in detail the nature of your request. The letter should be sent to the attention of the allocations chairmen. Allocation requests must be received by October 31, 2018.

Agencies should provide a description of the project on letterhead with the requested funding amount. Along with the original, please submit 12 copies of your request on 2-sided, 3-hole punch paper. To view and download the Project Summary Form please click the link below: